Your child can start their very own business in just 3 days!



What is Business Camp?

In just 72 hours, your child will experience the highs, lows, love, and pressure that make up the ever changing world of business. They will meet the most amazing friends and mentors, along the way building their very own business or social change movement.

  • A school holiday course targeted at kids aged 8 to 16.

  • Designed to provide a “taste” of the mindset, skills and resources that young people will need for their own business.

  • Upon successful completion of the optional examination, our young people will receive the 'MICRO MBA'.


The Schedule

DAY 1. Collaboration

  • Form a Team and Collaborate

  • Set Goals using Visualisation Boards

  • Brainstorm Global Problems

  • Identify Solutions

DAY 2. Market Research

  • Conduct Market Research with Classroom Coaches

  • Create a Prototype

  • Begin Script Writing and Pitch Deck

  • Create a Business Budget


DAY 3. Pitch Day

  • Industry Mentoring Sessions

  • Practise Soft Skills

  • Public Speaking Rehearsals

  • Basic Sales Training

  • Pitch to a Panel of Judges


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Join more than 40,000 students who LOVE Business Camp!

The Best School Holiday EVER!

Your presentation was better than most presentations I’ve seen from adults.
— Steve Baxter, Shark on Channel Ten's Shark Tank
The workshop was the most interesting activity since 2 years ago!!! It was better than any word to describe FANTASTIC!
— Evie, 9-years-old
I started a business and created an MVP using a 3D Printing Pen. When I grow up, I want to be a business entrepreneur!
— Amir, 14-years-old
My son attended the Business Camp and had an amazing time. He learnt some really valuable life skills at the same time came home after each session just full of excitement and couldn’t stop talking about what he had done each day. I highly recommend this for every child, the skills they learn each day will just support them in school and life and work. At the same time it’s a lot of fun.
— Alison, Parent

Guaranteed smiles, fun and high-fives!

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